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([Volume 4 (5776 [2016

Rabin Shushtri
(Heb.) Legal and Moral Considerations in the Ownership of Stolen Property
פתח קובץ Summary

Steven H. Adams
The Development of a Waiting Period Between Meat and Dairy: 9th – 14th Centuries
פתח קובץ Summary

Participants in this volume

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Dissertations and M.A. Theses

Eliashiv Fraenkel
Meetings and Conversations of Sages in Stories Regarding Halakhic Background in the Babylonian Talmud (Heb.)
Dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Shamma Friedman, Bar Ilan University, 2015
פתח קובץ

Shulamit Ben Shaya
The Laws of Nidda in the Halakhic Works of France from the School of Rashi until the Semak (Heb.)
Dissertation under the supervision of Dr. Judah D. Galinsky, Bar Ilan University, 2016
פתח קובץ

Leor Jacobi
The Commentary of a Student of Rashba to Chapter “Keitzad Mevarkhin” of Tractate Berakhot from a Girona Archive (Heb.)
M.A. Thesis under the supervision of Dr. Aaron Ahrend, Bar-Ilan University, 2014
פתח קובץ

Itzhak Feiglin
Development of the Legal Principles Relating to the "Ketuba" in the Jewish Communities in Medieval Central and Western Europe During the Period of the “Rishonim” (Tenth - Sixteenth Centuries) (Heb.)
M.A. Thesis under the supervision of Prof. Yehiel Kaplan, University of Haifa, 2015
פתח קובץ

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